27 of our best capsicum recipes

Capsicum or pepper? Whatever you call it, this sweet, summer fruit-masquerading-as-vegetable always pleases.

Whether red or yellow, orange or green; labelled as bell pepper or simply pepper, capsicums of any shade or name taste just as sweet. Thanks to their mild, sometimes faintly bitter and slightly sweet taste, capsicums lend themselves to all manner of cuisines - from an Indian curry-inspired dish of tandoori fish and capsicum skewers to Middle Eastern dips to capsicum cooked in rustic Mediterranean dishes.
If you have too many capsicums and you're wondering what to do with them, our panzanella-style salad of charred capsicums or a shakshuka recipe are wonderful ways to use the ingredient. Or, try one of our mini capsicum recipes, including the best stuffed capsicum recipe from Italian-born chef Eugenio Maiale for baby peppers stuffed with tuna.
Here are our best capsicum recipes to go crazy for.