Our favourite Lunar New Year recipes

It's time to feast and ring in the Year of the Wood Dragon with our best Lunar New Year dishes.

Prosperity salad (yusheng)
In 2024, communities across the world will be celebrating Lunar New Year on 10 Febrauary. Although commonly known as Chinese New Year, the annual celebration marks the beginning of the year according to the lunisolar calendar, and is celebrated over a number of days in countries such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as those diasporic communities in living Australia.
Lunar New Year involves visiting family and friends, paying respects to ancestors, giving (or if you're lucky, receiving) packets of "lucky money", and dining on banquet-style feasts. Whip up some noodles for long life, fry up some crisp spring rolls, or try Kylie Kwong's twist on the Cantonese classic dish, sweet and sour pork. Plus, we have recipes for mango pancakes, festive trifles and Indonesian layer cake to end on a sweet note.
Here are our favourite Lunar New Year recipes for the Year of the Dragon, from dumplings and mushroom noodle stir-fry to a rice cake recipe and dishes of crispy duck and pork.
What are the lucky foods for Chinese New Year? Read our guide to the celebratory dishes eaten during Lunar New Year.